About us

 Lets make your residential project an enjoyable experience by making you part of our team while we bring your vision to life. 

A.T. Besecker Construction Inc. is a licensed, fully insured, family owned and operated company serving the counties of Fluvanna, Albermarle, Louisa, and Buckingham since 1988.  The company is operated by Arthur Besecker, president, and wife, Sandy Besecker, office manager. Arthur is the heart and sole of the business and he will be the go to throughout the project from bidding to completion.

We are a residential construction company. What that means to you is that we can do whatever you need in a home.  Whether it is build a new one or put a new face on an old favorite. Arthur has over 40 years of carpentry experience. He has  years of design, supervisory, and customer relations experience. He has the ability to make unique innovative customizations to your home to add a more personal touch if you desire. These qualities enable the customer to feel confident that construction will be handled as agreed as there is no middle man and or chance of miscommunication.

There is an art to moving a project off of the drawing table and into a finished project on site.  It involves moving paper and people in a timely way to get it done. With respect to the mechanics as well as the people this is one place that Arthur's strengths show through. When we start your construction project we stay with it from start until completion.  We are there every day working and making sure everything is being done as it was contracted and within the building specifications of the job. Operating in the manner that we do enables us to produce a quality product that we can be proud of within the vision and budget of our customers. 

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